Bratislava City Museum

Bratislava City Museum

The oldest museum of Slovakia, established in 1868 is located in the solemn spaces of the Old Town Hall, which gothic tower rises above the city since the XIII century. The main idea of the exposition is the items narrating about the history and the culture of the city from its foundation and until nowadays. The excursion starts from the old walls with a cannonball inside. This cannonball reminds tourists about Napoleon’s assault in 1809.

It takes 1,5-2 hours to see all the items. You will see knights’ suits of armor, old frescoes, ammunition, decorations, clothes, household items, monarchs insignia, interior elements, coins of different periods, and other interesting things.

If you still have time and desire you can visit a viewing platform of the tower and see the central part of Bratislava including Bratislava hrad. Currently, Bratislava City Museum includes 10 specialized branches, located in Bratislava:

Viticultural Museum (Muzeum vinohradnictva)
– Museum of historical interiors (Muzeum historickych interierov)
Armory Museum (Muzeum zbrani)
Pharmaceutical Museum (Muzeum farmacie)
Watches Museum (Muzeum hodin)
Nepomuk Hummel Nuseum (Muzeum Johanna Nepomuka Hummela)
Arthur Fleischmann Museum (Muzeum Arthura Fleischmanna)
Devin Castle (Hrad Devin)
Antique Herulata Museum (Muzeum Anticka Gerulata)

Bratislava City Museum

Address: Radničná 1, Bratislava, Slovakia
GPS: N 48°08’37.5″ E 17°06’31.6″

Bratislava City Museum


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Working hours: Tuesday-Friday from 9.00 to 17.00. Saturday-Sunday from 11.00 to 18.00. Monday is a day off

Cost: 5,00 EUR for adults, 2.50 EUR for students, children from 6 years old, and retirees. Childern below 6 years old can visit the museum for free.

Family pass: 10,00 EUR (two adults and children).


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