There are plenty of cozy villages across Slovakia, with their own history and culture including Cicmany. This is the highest elevation village in Zilinsky kraj as it is located 655 meters above sea level. Its main feature is the houses with geometric ornaments on the walls. Those decorations can also be seen in the costumes of local inhabitants.

History and life

According to the historical data, this village was mentioned for the first time in 1272. Local inhabitants were famous for manufacturing tissues with original ornaments and painted embroideries. They were also famous for goats breeding. Later they have started to produce felt boots decorated with different types of applications.


What can you see there

While walking through the village you can see 136 wooden houses, decorated with an unusual ornament. All patterns are made of white lime and their age reaches 200 years according to the latest researches. You can see here pictures of birds, animals, and various geometric patterns. Some buildings were destroyed in a fire but the rest was renovated.

The Olympic Games in London, which took place in 2010 were symbolic of Slovakia. To honor the independence, several pictures from those buildings were presented in the UK. Two years later, during Sochi Olympic Games, Slovakian athletes wore costumes decorated with those ornaments.

You can take a closer look at those buildings while walking between the houses in Cicmany. The houses look similar, but the ornaments are different. There are flowers on the windows and verandas, there are painted vases and bottles as well. The majority of those buildings have one level only, however, there are also two-level houses here. Several families lived there in the old days: parents on the ground floor and their children occupied the second. The only heated room was a big space, there were one chimney and several stoves here.



There are two buildings in Cicmany village deserving particular attention – Raden and Gregory houses. They are in perfect condition that is why their territory was chosen for an ethnographic museum. You can see various items here helping to learn more about the traditional culture and history of the region.

Active leisure

There is a ski resort not far from the village where you can ski or glide in sleds. Skilled coaches teach visitors how to ski. As for the infrastructure, it is of high level here, you can hire ski equipment, leave your personal items in a storage room. There are multiple cafes and restaurants located on the slope.

The local ski resort offers three ski tracks of various difficulty. They are suitable for children or novices as well as for those who have already a particular experience. There are also trails for cross-country skiing. The employees monitor the level of snow coverage and remove it if necessary. There are snow machines here as well. You can reach a particular point using one of five lifts that are offered for the tourists.

In spring or summer, you can take a tour here to benefit from the beauty of nature, visit natural objects, make a picnic or collect berries, mushrooms or herbs. There are also some bike routes. If the weather is clear, you can watch delta planes and paraplanners from the top of Javorinka mountain.

You can come here at any season to have a rest in a calm and peaceful environment or to take a look at interesting objects and learn more about local culture. There are folklore festivals a couple of times per year here allowing you to see local folklore groups’ performances as well as tasting some meals.


Address: Cicmany, Slovakia

Administration website:

Website: – (you can book accommodation, horse or plane tour here)

Museum address: Čičmany 42, Slovakia

Museum website:

Working hours: The museum is closed from September to May

You can visit it from June to August from Monday to Friday: 9.00-12.00 and 12.30-15.00. As for the Saturdays and Sundays, you can visit the museum from 8.00 to 12.00 and from 12.30 to 16.00

Cost: adults will pay 2 EUR, children below six years old can come here for free. Children above six years old, students and retired pay 1 EUR. The family pass costs 5 EUR.

How to get there

Bratislava ⇆ Cicmany

Distance from Bratislava: 175 km

Travel time:

Transfer from Bratislava to Cicmany - 1 hours 55 minutes

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