Dom U dobreho pastiera

Dom U dobreho pastiera

This is one of the most beautiful and elegant mansions of Bratislava. It is situated on Zidovska street. Jews lived in this quarter previously.


The style of the mansion is Rococo. It was built in the second half of the XVIII century. There were stores and workshops on the lower level. The upper level was for living.

The building has a trapezoid form and is one of the few complexes that were saved in their initial appearance. The main façade is narrow, for two windows only. The sculpture of Christ is situated in the angle of the building. Local inhabitants call this sculpture Dobry pastier.

A museum of ancient watches works here from 1975. You can see different items during the excursion, dated from XVII to XX centuries. The biggest part of the collection was done by the local craftsmen. The city museum collected those clocks and watches initially, but later a separate museum was opened.

Dom U dobreho pastiera

Address: Židovská 1, Bratislava, Slovakia
GPS: N 48.142295, E 17.104079

Dom U dobreho pastiera


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