Kutscherfeldov palace

Kutscherfeldov palac

A new palace appeared on the Main Square of Bratislava where Easter fairs and folk festivities take place in 1600. This palace combined three gothic medieval houses. The second birth of the complex was in 1762 when von Kutscherfeld ordered to change the style of the complex to rococo. The building under the red tiles roof is decorated by the stucco and lacy balconies. A magnificent ladder leads to spacy rooms.

In 1813 the mansion was bought by  Eszterházy. Anton Rubinshtein has visited the residence 34 years later with a friendly visit. There is a memorial plaque, which reminds us of this historical visit. The palace is occupied by the French embassy since 1991.

Address: Hlavné námestie 7, Bratislava, Slovakia
GPS: N 48°08’36.7″ E 17°06’28.1″

Kutscherfeldov palace

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