Palffyho palace

Palffyho palac

The representatives of this ancient family lived in Hungary, Austria, and Slovakia. The family members were emperor’s viceroys in Bratislava and owned several mansions there. One of those beautiful palaces with the reliefs of military trophies decorates Panska street since XVIII.

Palffy residence was many times rebuilt during centuries. Nowadays you can see the Bratislava Art gallery branch in the palace. Besides gothic sculptures and works of European artists of the XIX-XX century, you can find an installation called Passage. This piece of art of Slovakian artist Matej Kren creates an illusion of eternity. Ths installation looks like an 8 meters fortress, with the walls made of books.

Address: Pánska 19, Bratislava, Slovakia
GPS: N 48°08’32.0″ E 17°06’25.7″

Palffyho palace


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