Skok waterfall

Skok waterfall

There are many waterfalls on the territory of Slovakia. They are all famous for their virginity and uniqueness. You can admire natural beauties during your stay here. You will feel this special freedom far from cities and everyday routine.

Skok waterfall is one of those interesting objects created by Mother Nature. It is located in a picturesque place in the High Tatras close to Mlynicka Dolina. The height of the waterfall is 25 meters. It starts at the top of Pirin mountain. Strbske Pleso is located two kilometers from here. Your impressions from visiting those places will depend on the season you come here. In March the volume of the waterfall is 50 liters per second while during the summer this figure increases 18 times and reaches 900 liters per second.

Recommendations: choose the summer months to visit this place, you will enjoy the beauty of the waterfall.

It is famous for its “fever”. The water runs through a meadow first, then it falls from a 25-meter height into the gap. It is called a Jumper among local inhabitants. The sound of falling water can be heard far from here. In summer it sounds like a hurricane.

Skok waterfall

The road to the waterfall

It is better to start from the mountain resort Strbske Pleso, which is located on the territory of the High Tatras National park. This route is green, which means you can reach your target on your own without a guide. You need to remember about the time you start your way there. The temperature changes sharply. It is better to start only those days when the sun is shining. It takes approximately 1.5-2 hours to get there depending on your physical form. There are different types of pavement including stones, dirt, etc. You can meet driftwood, bridges and even creeks. The water is cold there and is suitable for drinking. Some tourists take empty bottles with them to take some mountain water. When you leave the forest you will find Pinus Pumila (plant). The road is flat and quiet without dangerous areas. You can find funny stone pyramids. No one knows why are they here, but they attract tourists’ attention.

Recommendations: this route is green but you need to wear comfortable shoes to avoid injuries during climbing or descent.

When you are here, you can not only admire the beauty of the waterfall but also enjoy your time.

  • Organize picnic
  • Make beautiful photos
  • Have a rest far from the city’s routine
  • To reach the top of the waterfall
  • To take bath in a pool, created by the descending water cascades

The water is cold here, we recommend bathing for those who have this experience. There is a small lake on the top of the waterfall. It is hidden from the eyes of the majority of tourists.

You can visit Skok waterfall in any season of the year if the weather is suitable. However, it is allowed to climb the top of the waterfall from June 15 to October 31. The climbing route is hard and it is equipped with special safety chains.


GPS: N 49°09’10.1″ E 20°02’43.7″

Skok waterfall

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