Slovak National Museum

Slovak National Museum

The history of the Slovak National Museum starts in 1893. Andrej Kmet, the historian, archeologist, and geologist who was a priest in Trnava, has offered the idea of creation of such a cultural complex, available to the wide public. The first expositions were opened in 1908 and 16 years later a museum of local history was established.

The headquarters of the museum is located in the capital. It hosts rich collection of items. All the objects are presented in a beautiful classic building close to the Danube river. Those objects will tell you about the flora and fauna of Slovakia as well as the geology of the region.

Part of the collection is dedicated to numismatics, archeology, and ethnography. Slovak National Museum includes about 3.5 million items and gathers 18 special branches, which are located in different parts of the country.

Natural History Museum (Prirodovedne museum)
Museum of History (Historické múzeum)
Music Museum (Hudobne muzeum)
Archeological Museum (Archeologicke muzeum)
Carpathian Germans Cultural Museum (Muzeum kultury karpatskych Nemcov)
Hungarians Cultural Museum (Muzeum kultury Madarov na Slovensku)
Croatians Cultural Museum (Muzeum kultury Chorvatov na Slovensku)
Ludovit Shtur Museum (Muzeum Ludovita Stura)
Cerveny Kamen Museum (Muzeum Cerveny Kamen)
Museum of Slovak National Board (Muzeum Slovenskych narodnych rad)
Museum of Puppets And Toys (Muzeum babkarskych kultur a hraciek)
Slovak National Museum in Martine (Slovenske narodne muzeum v Martine)
Spis Museum in Levoce (Spisske muzeum), Betliar Museum (Muzeum Betliar)
Ukrainian Culture Museum in Svidnik (Muzeum ukrajinskej kultury)
Rusyns Cultural Museum (Muzeum rusinskej kultury)

Slovak National Museum

Address: Vajanského nábrežie 2, Bratislava, Slovakia
GPS: N 48°08’24.8″ E 17°06’47.0″

Slovak National Museum


Working hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00, Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00, Monday is a day off.

Entrance cost: 4,00 EUR for adults, 2,00 EUR for students, children below 6 years old, and retirees. Children below 6 years old can visit the museum for free.

Family pass costs 10,00 EUR (two adults and three children) or 6,00 EUR (one adult and two children). You can visit the museum for free each first Sunday of the month.


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