Slovakian caves

Пещеры Словакии

Mountain ranges occupy most of the territory of Slovakia. They are a preferred place for those who are keen on hiking, alpinism, and skis. Around 500 000 tourists visit this country each year to see the stone figures created by nature, aragonite crystals, dark lakes, frozen waterfalls, stalagmites, and stalactites. Visitors come here to all those beauties, which are hidden inside karst caves.

The under terrain caves of Slovakia include sinuous corridors with weals on the walls as well as other interesting things to admire. Those sites can surprise even those who have spent many years traveling.

There are caves with spaces, decorated with calcite and ice. The others are suitable for speleotherapy or even boating on a river called Styx. You can meet there a colony of bats. Those places will be interesting to those who are keen on archeology and paleontology: you can find the traces of our ancestors and the bones of fossil animals.

There are about 7000 caves in Slovakia. For of them (Ochtinska Aragonite cave, Gombasek cave, Domica cave and Jasovska cave) are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1995. Thirty caves are public, 12 are equipped with bridges and electric lamps, ladders, and handrails. You can buy a tour to visit those caves. If you want to participate in such a tour, you need to remember some special recommendations including:

Do not break small stalactites or stone flowers on the walls, calcite or ice coverage. Do not smoke there, avoid littering or touching electric equipment. The cave world is too fragile!

The temperature inside the cave where you will be 50-480 meters below terrain is about 10 degrees Celsium even in July. Do not forget to take cold weather clothes with you.

The majority of open caves are located in national parks such as Tatras, Slovak Karst, Pienin, Low Tatras, Mala Fatra, Slovenian Raj. You can learn more about under terrain beauties there as well as admire virgin nature.

Belianska cave

Bystrianska cave

Bojnice cave

Cave of Dead Bats

Demanovska Ice Cave

Demanovska Cave of LIberty

Dobsinska Ice Cave

Domica Cave

Driny Cave

Gombasek cave

Harmanecka Cave

Jasovska cave

Krasnohorska cave

Ochtinska Aragonite Cave

Prepostska cave

Stanisovska cave

Silicka ladnica cave

Vazecka cave

Zla diera cave (Bad Hole Cave)