SNP bridge

The is the biggest bridge in Bratislava. It is also known as the Bridge of Slovakian Revolt. Sometimes it is called a flying saucer.

SNP bridge


The construction of the single-lane bridge was started in 1969 and ended in 1972. The width of the bridge is 21 meters while the length is 421 meters. The total weight of the bridge is 7537 tons. The bridge is the biggest in the world from all suspension bridges with one suspension surface.

The toursists come here to visit a restaurant which looks like a flying saucer. This restaurant is situated at 85 meters height and you can reach it using an elevator or on feet passing 430 steps. There is a viewing platform here, from where you can have a view of the whole city.

The history of construction is full of scandals. The authorities have to ruin and old Jewish quarter and some historical buildings. The bridge was constructed in 5 years but there were some further updates. The construction was finally ended in 2011. The bridge was called “The construction of the century” by the local inhabitants.

The bridge is the decoration of the city and the aqueduct as water pipes come through its sinner constructions.

Address: Most SNP 1, Bratislava, Slovakia
GPS: N 48.136694, E 17.104674

SNP bridge


The viewing platform works from 10 to 23.00 every day. The entrance fee is 7.40 EUR. If you decide to come here during the day or in the evening, the entrance fee is 9.90 EUR. Restaurant visitors can enter the platform for free.

Students pay 4.95 EUR. IF they come during the day or in the evening, they pay 6.60 EUR.

Children below 15 pay 3.95 EUR. The entrance fee during the day or in the evening is 5.30 EUR.


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