Suchá nad Parnou

Suchá nad Parnou

The settlement is located on Ternava upland in the valley where Parna meets Podhajski creeks.

The distance between Trnava and the settlement is 7 kilometers. According to the archeological data, this location was inhabited during the Neolithic period already. Suchá nad Parnou was first mentioned in 1251. The settlement was a part of Cerveny Kamen estate.

In 1536 the settlement became oppidum. In 1639 and 1809 the town received the right to conduct fairs. Croatian settlers came here in the XVIth century. In 1663 the town was looted by the Turkish troops and at the beginning of the XVIIIth century, it was looted by the rebels of Rakoczi.

A small mill was built in 1720. Local potter, blacksmith and shoemaker guilds are mentioned in the documents of 1801. A renaissance estate of 1551 was used as an administration building. It was damaged during the Second World War. The largest part of the building was dismantled in 1952. Only a part of the building with a portal of the XVIII century remained.

Suchá nad Parnou

A very important sacral monument of the town is the Roman catholic Saint-Martin church built at the beginning of the XVIIIth century. It replaced an old gothic cult facility.

Suchá nad ParnouWinemaking

The magic symbol of this village as well as its synonym is the red wine. We can’t forget about the book of Frantisek Hecko “Red wine” and the dam close to the settlement. The author was born here, in this wine paradise. The book is about his parents. The valley he described in the book is the Wolf valley of Trnava.

Visit memorial room established in 2006, which is located on the territory of municipal administration.

This room is dedicated to the life and creativity of Frantisek Hecko, his brother Blagoslav, William Turcan, famous poet and Jusef Ilavski, Slovak artist. You can find there some historical items and folk costumes.

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