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Date updated: 06/09/2023



    In the valley of the river Nitra, in western Slovakia, there is a small town with a very rich history. Bojnice is home to about 5,000 people, but it attracts many more tourists every year. It is best known for its castle, which dates back to the 11th century, but it is not the only place we recommend to visit in Bojnice.


    In the surroundings of the famous fortress, in the shade of century-old trees and gardens, the zoo found its home. It opened in 1955 and has been in continuous operation ever since. There are about 400 species of animals in the zoo. The staff also breeds endangered species and takes care of their offspring. There are great entertainments for children in the zoo. For example, there is an observation tower that you can go down with the help of a slide. Once at the bottom, children get right into the contact zoo with cute, tame animals. There are also terrariums and even aquariums with various representatives of fauna.


    An interesting place to visit would be the Prepost cave. A hundred years ago, Karl Medvecki stumbled upon a space inside the rock, where there were a variety of stone age weapons and household items. Such a discovery could not go unnoticed by the public. Very soon the cave became a museum of ancient man. Today there are located compositions that recreate the everyday life of people who lived on our planet a few thousand years ago. Neanderthals cook food by the fire, look after children and make tools for hunting. Nearby lie the real bones of mammoths, deer and bison. Such an exhibition will not leave indifferent any lover of history. Especially advised to get on a night tour, taking place in the light of torches hanging on the walls.

    Particular attention should be paid to thermal pools, which are practically in the center of the city. A whole complex of springs includes adult and children's pools of different temperatures. Bathing in these places is beneficial for people with diseases of the nervous system or the musculoskeletal system. However, you can also relax and enjoy the views of Bojnice Castle and its surroundings. Not far from the swimming pools there are playgrounds for children, trampolines, volleyball and soccer fields and even shady alleys for chess players with all the necessary equipment. Water slides and rides complete the picture of an ideal place for a family vacation. But keep in mind that all this complex of entertainment is open only in summer time.

    For the lovers of walking there is Gurbanova square. Knowing how many centuries ago the settlement called Bojnice was created, it is not difficult to imagine how long ago all sorts of craftsmen and traders settled here. The fairs in the city were held precisely on Gurbanova Square, so its length is almost 300 meters. There is a linden alley in the center of the square that provides shade to tourists resting on benches. The pedestrian zone is surrounded by houses of different styles and eras. It is easy to find Baroque villas or modest breweries that continue to function today. In the middle of the area there is a large black stone square, on which the coat of arms of Bojnice and the emblems of all its sister towns are inscribed. About 7 years ago Gurbanova Square underwent serious reconstruction, so today it meets all the requirements for comfortable recreation and convenient shopping.


    Of the sites related to religion, Bojnice has a lot to see. The church of St. Martin, designed in the Gothic style, is officially considered the most beautiful church for hundreds of kilometers around. The wood altars and white vaults make the composition of the church as natural and appealing as possible. The central altar is decorated with gold, which is emphasized by the rest of the decoration of the temple. Anyone can visit the temple at any time of the year.

    A more unusual shrine is the Chapel of St. Wendelin. Standing in the middle of nowhere, it has not escaped the attention of inquisitive locals. Once upon a time it was built in honor of the patron of wildlife to make life easier for shepherds and farmers. It was a small building that served as a place of prayer for those farmers who were working away from home and could not attend the daily services of the church. Today, the Chapel has become a true pilgrimage site, although it is not easy to find your way there.

    Seagull in the Clouds (Bojnice Lookout Tower)


    The 30-meter observation deck Seagull in the Clouds is located in the mountains above the town of Bojnice, which offers a view of the entire city. You can go down from the observation deck on a special tube (Tobogan). There are plans to increase the height of the observation deck to 60 meters.

    If you are tired of the bustle of the city and the many tourists around you, you can afford to relax surrounded by noble and beautiful animals without going to the zoo. The Mitani Horse Club is very close to Bojnice. The secluded complex is perfect for romantic gatherings, family holidays or quiet walks alone. Trained horses will allow you to easily learn how to ride a horse, even if you have not had this experience before. There are special courses for children, conducted only by experienced instructors. Animals can be just fed, stroked and have every kind of contact with them. They will peacefully stroll around, while you are resting on the green pastures or preparing a picnic for your significant other. Except the horses on the territory of the complex live peace-loving dogs and cats, which will not let your children get bored. And pictures from such a trip will become a real decoration of your family album.

    Bojnice is a great choice for lovers of historical sights, for lovers of wildlife and for those who like to travel in large groups. It would be a huge mistake to think that a visit to this fabulously beautiful town is worthwhile just for a trip to Bojnice Castle.

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