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Date updated: 04/15/2023

Skok Waterfall

    Skok Waterfall

    There are many waterfalls in scenic Slovakia, each one renowned for its beauty, pristine nature. While taking a walk around the waterfalls and the surrounding area, you can enjoy the natural masterpieces and feel the freedom away from the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday life.

    The Skok waterfall (Vodopád Skok) is situated at an elevation of 1789 metres in the Mlynická dolina and is accessible by a hiking trail from Štrbské Pleso, but you can also reach it by a diversion through the Furkotská dolina, via Bystrá lávka. The Štrbské Pleso route is popular even in winter, as the section leading to the waterfall is not closed in winter.

    The waterfall with a height of 25 metres is the fourth highest of all waterfalls in the High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry), but it is by far the highest. Skok is one of the few waterfalls in the region that can be visited all year round. Nearby, about 2 kilometres away, you will find another interesting spot - Lake Štrbské Pleso. The waterfall experience depends on the time of year you visit. In March, the water jet reaches a maximum of 50 litres per second, while in mid-summer, this figure increases 18-fold and the mighty stream of water falls as high as 900 litres per second.

    Recommendation: choose the summer months so that you can enjoy all the beauty of the falls.

    The waterfall has always been famous for its wild streams which rush over the meadow and then plunge from a height of 25 metres into the abyss. Hence the name 'Skok', meaning 'jumper', given by locals to the area.

    The noise of falling water is echoing all around and during the summertime it even resembles the roar of a hurricane.

    The road to the falls

    Skok Waterfall

    You should climb from the Štrbské Pleso mountain resort, which is located in the Tatra National Park (Tatranský národný park). The trail is at a green level of difficulty, so you can walk it on your own without a guide. The only thing is to choose the right time, taking into account the weather conditions. Temperatures change drastically, so only go up when the weather is as clear as possible.

    Travel time averages 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on your fitness. The trail runs along a dirt embankment, over rocks, and there are snags, hanging bridges, and even small streams. The water in them is cold and suitable for drinking. Some campers take empty containers with them to get some of the mountain water from the stream. After the forest ends, you will reach the pine forest. The road here is flat and quiet, without any dangerous sections. You can see fanciful stone pyramids here and there, but their purpose is unknown - they attract tourists with another interesting shot.

    Recommendation: the route is easy, but make sure you have comfortable footwear so you don't get injured during the descent or ascent.

    Visiting the waterfall, you can not only enjoy its beauty but also have a good time, organise a picnic, take beautiful pictures and most importantly relax in silence away from the city bustle, climb to the top of the waterfall, take water procedures in the pool, which is formed by streams of water cascades.

    The water in the waterfall is quite cold, so only hardy people are advised to take a swim. At the top of the waterfall there is a small lake, not many holidaymakers are aware of its existence. The main source of water for the Skok waterfall is a small lake called Pleso nad Skokom, located above the waterfall itself at an altitude of 1801 metres above sea level.

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