Zoya Gallery

Erdődyho palác

In the bright rooms of the neo-Baroque palace, constructed in 1770 by the representatives of the Erdedy Hungarian dynasty, Zoya Gallery receives a visitor from 2005. The collection attracts the most loyal amateurs of modern art including modernism, pop art, avant-gardism, and abstractionism.

The exposition includes works of Slovak and Czech artists of the XX century. The team of the gallery has managed to collect pictures and sculptors including Marek Ormandik, Martin Benk, Ladislav Mednyansky, Koloman Sokol, Emil Filla, Josef Jankovich.

There is another Zoya Gallery in Modra. It was created in 2009. This unique building is located close to the vineyard of ELESCO park. Here you can see pictures of Slovak and foreign artists of modernism, popart, avant-gardism styles. The collection includes the works of famous US designer and artist Andy Warhol.

Zoya Gallery

Address: Ventúrska 1, Bratislava, Slovakia
GPS: N 48°08’31.6″ E 17°06’22.8″

Zoya Gallery

Website: http://www.zoyamuseum.sk

Working hours: Wednesday-Saturday from 12.00 to 20.00, Sunday from 12.00 to 18.00.

Tickets: 4,00 EUR (adults), 2,00 EUR (children below 16 years old and retirees).

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